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Frequently Asked Questions about State Shoot Series
Q: Where do I pre-register for events?

A: Registration for the state series and extra events will be on each
individual club’s shoot page at scoringpro.com.

Q: Am I still eligible to win if I don’t attend every leg of the series?

A: Yes, every entrant has full eligibility regardless of number of events
entered. The “match play” scoring is designed even the field and
determine the person that beat the most competitors.

Q: What is “match play” and how does it work?

A: Simply explained, each competitor will earn 1 point for each competitor
he/ she beat through the course of the series.
Example: If there are 23 competitors in a class, the champion will be
awarded 23 points, Runner-up 22 points, Second Runner-Up 21 points, and
so on through last place which will be awarded 1 point.

Q: What happens if I punch out of my current class before the series is complete?

A: Each competitor will compete in the class in which they were in at the
time of their entry into their first leg of the series. (This will only apply to
OK State Series events)

Q: How will the OK State Champion be determined?

A: High-Overall will be determined by total number of targets broken in the
series and will be the ONLY award that is not “match play”. The recipient of
this award will have their name engraved on the traveling state
championship trophy.

Q: When will I know who the winners are?

A: Series scores/ points will be available on the state association website @
oksportingclays.com and @ scoringpro.com all throughout the series.
Awards will be given out at the State Shoot Banquet, September 28th at 5:30 at Silverleaf.